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  • New Arrivals 💋

    A variety of New Arrivals and accessories to choose from available Online and In Store. Browse through our catalog to select your style.

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  • Bold Styles

    Are you someone who enjoys bold looks and bold fashion? Well these new Arrivals brings just that...boldness. Shop a variety of looks to add to your wardrobe needs.

  • Comfort Looks

    Several Colors available in this comfort style. It's a chill set to add to your closet selection.

    Chill Set 
  • Party Time

    This Olive Romper screams Party Time! Great for a day party or night out on the town. With great stretch and comfort you will feel like dancing to the music. Add this romper to your wardrobe Now.

    Romper Season 
  • Colorful Joy

    Wow this colorful romper will definetly bring you plenty of joy. Order this Romper now for Mother's Day.

  • Trendy Romper

    What can I say it's the comfort for Me 😍. You too can feel this comfort by ordering this romper Now. Capri style with pockets 👌🏽 you can't go wrong.

    Capri style romper 

  • Styles For Days

    grab some items to wear all season.

  • Beige Mini Dress

    form fitting mini dress to wear for a good time 💋

  • Light blue mini dress

    form fitting mini dress to wear anytime 💥

  • Turn Heads

    wow this romper screams 😱 i made you look. Add this romper Now to make em Look.

  • Black Bomb

    This black bomb two piece set is a great catch to have as a trendy closet selection. With splits in both the shorts and shirt which give this beauty more life. Order this set Now.

  • Lavender Love

    Lavender Love is what the world needs to be happy and feel beautiful 💜. Grab this two piece set now online or in store.

  • Shine Bright

    Colorful and Comfortable this two piece set is a great seasonal favorite. Grab this set Now while it's on Sale.

We Got the New New 🛍

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Enjoy Our New Arrivals Now with Styles for Every Size and Shape. Order Now or Save for Later.

Happy Anniversary Sale

Shop For Our Anniversary Sale!!

Grab something Dreamy Now for our second year Anniversary Sale. Whether you prefer a dress, romper, or two piece set we have just what you need.

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  • Classy and Sassy

    Our collections offer a variety of styles and sizes to choose from online and In STORE.

  • Shades Blockerz

    the sun always shine so brightly but with our shades blockerz to block the sun you can't go wrong. Grab a pair now.

  • Poppin Lips 💋

    Grab some of our lip gloss to have your lips poppin too. From clear to color we have it all.

  • Charming Men

    our men selection will be available soon with plenty of items to choose from.

About Us

Hello my name is Monique and I am the owner of MoniquesDream boutique LLC. I am a 36 year old mother of two. I have a 14year old daughter and 5 year old son which both keeps me very busy. I love being a mom to my kids and enjoy teaching them new ideas and showing them new places. I started this business to give my kids a better future than I had and to start a legacy for my kids. I was also frustrated with how my clothes would fit me and wanted to create my own brand for others'. It was difficult finding pants and shorts that would fit my thighs and a nice blouse for my stomach. So I prayed for a business and this vision was given to me to make every women dream come true who may also have an issue with finding the right clothes. Not only will my dream boutique cater to women but men and teens as well. Hope you all enjoy a little of my taste and style with every dream Fit. 
  • A celebration of Something New

    History was Made on April 24,2022 as we opened our suite. A celebration of a special rebrand and relaunch with all new arrivals. Celebrating almost two years in business the decision was to open with an opportunity for locals to shop.

    Two-piece sets 
  • Fashion Needs No Approval

    In fashion you should be able to wear whatever makes you happy. Buy clothing which brings your styles to life. Fashion should be fun and exciting...nothing boring. Be bold, be bright, be You.

    Plus Size 
  • Sales for Days

    Major Sale on a variety of items in select sizes.

  • Business Information

    Here's our business information on our New Business Cards.

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